Coast Guard Dog rescue

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Members of the Irish Coast Guard Drogheda Unit had a busy morning, The First Call came in to the coast Guard of a small boat in the river boyne anchored after loosing engine power with two occupants on board. The Coast Guard boat was launched and towed the small craft back to its base with everyone ok..Less than half an hour later they were again call to assist a male swimmer who had enter the water near laytown after his dog. One Boat was launched and two Jeeps were sent to the scene. On arrival at the scene the male had come out of the water but the Golden Labador dog was still missing, The coast Guard requested the assistance of the Eastern regional Fisheries patrol rib which was i the area to assist in the search of the dog..Two crews in jeeps searched along the shore using large biniculars and after 45minutes swimming out to sea the dog was spotted and the boat was sent to pict him out of the water..The dog was reunited with his owner on the shore line..Pic Fran Caffrey/