Coca Cola Opening 28/10/11

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Southgate Traders, Virginia Dineikiene (Florist), Brendan Byrne (Thomas Byrne Auctioneers), Anthony Connor (Connors Butchers), Padraig Loneran (Just a Thought), Darren Ryan (Southgate Barbers) and Denise Walsh (Relish)at the Official Opening of Coca Cola Global Business Services Finance Operation for Europe and Eurasia in Southgate Shopping Centre 28/10/11..(Photo credit should read Jenny Matthews Picture has been sent you under the conditions enclosed by:.Newsfile Ltd..The Studio,.Millmount Abbey,.Drogheda,.Co Meath..Ireland..Tel: +353(0)41-9871240.Fax: +353(0)41-9871260.GSM: +353(0)