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Eight Fire Units from All over the county tackled a Hay barn fire on the outskirts of Ardee from early saturday evening until late into sunday afternoon, Ardee fire Service Alpha 1 was first on the scene followed by Drogheda Fire Service Alpha 2 , Dunleer Fire service Alpha 1 and Dundalk's Alpha 2, Adtional Support was called in From Drogheda's Kilo 1 and Dundalk's New Kilo 1, With man power Support from Drogheda's and Dundalk's Juliet 1 as well as ACFO Lumsden on Scene. The high winds and the difficulty of having to transport water made containing the fire difficult, The main concern was to stop the fire from catching onto  adjoining buildings storing adtional hay , Livestock as well as fuel oil Tanks..Photo: Fran Caffrey/ Newsfile.<br />