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Due to prolonged mistreatment to Retained Firefighters by management of County Louth Fire and Rescue Service stewards convened a meeting on Friday the 4th November in.Dundalk Fire Station to discuss what has now become a serious.grievance issue. Resulting from this meeting management of.County Louth Fire and Rescue Service have been informed that “mistreatment of Retained Firefighters” Retained Firefighters a protest on Dundalk Fire Station on Monday the 7th November.from 8.30am with escalating stoppages to follow until this dispute is.satisfactorily resolved...“Management’s failure to divert this dispute has left us with no.option but to bring our case to the street. This will allow us to.highlight our grievances and remove once and for all gagging orders.which have plagued us for years said a representative for SIPTU.Firefighters.Mistreatments of Firefighters who risk their lives daily are treated as.second class fire-fighter by management and this is unacceptable; he.added.Our dispute will last until this deplorable situation is resolved...(Photo credit should read Jenny Matthews Picture has been sent you under the conditions enclosed by:.Newsfile Ltd..The Studio,.Millmount Abbey,.Drogheda,.Co Meath..Ireland..Tel: +353(0)41-9871240.Fax: +353(0)41-9871260.GSM: +353(0)