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the body of toddler Jack Brennan is taken into St Marys church in Drogheda by members of his Family. His two grandfathers carry the back of the coffin..No ByLine .Pic Fran Caffrey ..Camera:   EOS D2000C.Serial #: C520C-01413.Width:    1728.Height:   1152.Date:  4/3/00.Time:   12:21:37.DCS5XX Image.FW Ver:   3.0.9.TIFF Image.Look:   Product.Antialiasing Filter:  Removed.Tagged.Counter:    [5557].ISO Speed:  200.Aperture:  f4.0.Shutter:  1/200.Max Aperture:  f2.8.Min Aperture:  f32.Exposure Mode:  Aperture priority AE (Av).Compensation:  +0.0.Flash Compensation:  +0.0.Meter Mode:  Evaluative.Flash Mode:  No flash.Drive Mode:  Continuous.Focus Mode:  AI Servo.Focus Point:  --o--.Focal Length (mm):  70.White balance: Auto.Time: 12:21:37.299.