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Another Accident on the Natorious stretch of Road M1/N1 north of Drogheda Co Louth last night as two cars were involved in a head on collision at around 11 pm  the car a red Ford Mondeo travellig North is believed to be passing another car as it collided with a red Volvo travelling South at the same location as five years ago 6 people were killed in a head on colission. the red volvo ended up on its roof with the occupant inside the driver of the mondeo left the scene of the accident before the emergence services arrived.Picture Fran Caffrey Newsfile.story Elaine Keogh..This Picture is sent to you by:..Newsfile Ltd.The View, Millmount Abbey, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland..Tel: +353419871240.Fax: +353419871260.GSM: +353862500958.ISDN: