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TSB school bank Presentation 5

Front Paul Ferris, Michael Dowling, Daryl Mongan, Eoin Barry and Christopher Clarke. Back Owen Donnelly John Finamore Asst TSB Bank Manager, Paul Dillon, Mayor  Sean Collins and Dermot Lynn of St Marys School Bank wioth their certificates..Pic Fran Caffrey Newsfile..(Pictures supplied by TSB Bank).Camera:   DCS620C.Serial #: K620C-01974.Width:    1728.Height:   1152.Date:  5/12/99.Time:   17:24:04.DCS6XX Image.FW Ver:   1.9.6.TIFF Image.Look:   Product.Tagged.Counter:    [499].Shutter:  1/40.Aperture:  f8.0.ISO Speed:  200.Max Aperture:  f1.8.Min Aperture:  f22.Focal Length:  50.Exposure Mode:  Manual (M).Meter Mode:  Color Matrix.Drive Mode:  Continuous High (CH).Focus Mode:  Continuous (AF-C).Focus Point:  Center.Flash Mode:  Normal Sync.Compensation:  +0.0.Flash Compensation:  +0.0.Self Timer Time:  10s.White balance: Auto (Flash).Time: 17:24:04.751.