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the river Boyne burst its banks from the mouth of the river at mornington all the way up river to Drogheda where streets were closed by the high water levels. In Ship Street residents baracaded themselves inside with sand bags as cars were left stranded. The docks area came to a standstill as the river flowed over the warf edge leaving it hard to distinguish between land and river. North Quay and Wellington quay shop owners sand baged the doors of there premises. On the Boyne road to baltray, louth county council closed the road for safety grounds leaving the residents in Baltray stranded until the river subsided. on the opposite side of the river Meath County Council closed the Marsh Road, But motorists continued to pass and as the water deepened cars and vans started to get stuck in the water, which in places rose to nearly three feet in dept on the road...Photo: Newsfile/Fran Caffrey.