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Two Teenagers were rescued by members of the Drogheda Unit of the Irish Coast Guard..Drogheda Coast guard unit were notified by NMOC that a report of two Male teenagers were stranded on a small island on a lake outside Dunleer in Co Louth, the alarm was raised by the Gardai. The Drogheda Coast Guard Unit and Rescue 116 helicopter based in Dublin were dispatched to the scene. When the Drogheda Unit reached there location they launched there small tender rescue boat and recovered the two teenagers as from the small island as Rescue 116 lit up the area with there night Sun light, the two were wet after the small craft that they were in had capsized and left them in the water. They were recovered to the coast guard vehicles where they were wrapped in foil blankets and treated by coast guard first aid personnel while waiting for the ambulance. The two were later released to there parents and thanked the members of the coast guard for there assistance..Picture Fran Caffrey